Saturday, April 21, 2012

Quick Post : This is it

Well, I've gone and done it. Last night,  I closed my swtor account. I haven't played in weeks, and even the patch 1.2 wasn't enough to get me excited about the game.

Don't get me wrong. It's a great game. The leveling experience is a lot of fun. I just don't feel like logging on anymore. I haven't deleted my characters. And I'm not saying I won't ever play again. Maybe in a couple weeks I'll miss my little marauder and I'll come back. With me, anything is possible.

So it's not goodbye. Not really. 

But yeah, it is.


  1. Hya! I enjoyed a lot reading your blog... It was refreshing and very cool to read... I understand your motives to stop, but, if you let me try, let me "shake you" with this argument, which is something we both share: story. I´m, like your previous writings, I´m in swtor to enjoy the story mode. As so, and in this we don´t share the same motives, I´m more Jedi like, and that I have reached lvl 50, I´m more focused in discovering what my companions story, background, like Qyzen nows Braden and Myko, companions of BH... Don´t stop now...;)... There´s a lot more to discover... I don´t give a shit to php or war zones... I´m for the fun and story mode...:D

  2. Hey, random internet person by way of looking up info on Urtel Moren of all things. I played SW:TOR when it first came out and, like you, went back to my first love: WoW. Eventually I stopped playing WoW too. I resubbed a bit for Warlords, but not enough to keep me hooked.

    Anyway, the point is that I came back to SWTOR and I've been loving it again. They made some really smart quality of life changes in the questing flow and how companions work as well - in fact, I think they did a much better job than WoW did with revamping the original questline flow. The legacy system is completely fleshed out has some pretty awesome perks now. And there's a huge "Legendary" bonus if you complete all the class quests.

    From one fan to another, if you've got the MMO itch again, I recommend resubbing SWTOR for a month and seeing how you like it.