Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Kerrigan Legacy

I really loved Iyeri's post introducing her characters, so I've decided to do the same! Here are the girls!

Name and title : Lord Jori
Race : Human
Class: Sith Inquisitor
Advanced Class : Sorcerer
Alignment : Dark

Jori is my main. She's cruel and bloodthirsty, and it's strangely satisfying. She will probably be the first of my characters to reach level 50. If I ever start raiding at some point, it will most likely be on this character. 

Jori is currently questing on Alderaan with her buddy Vaalha (the boyfriend's BH).  

Name and title : Alyss, Hired Gun
Race : Human
Class: Bounty Hunter
Advanced Class : Mercenary
Alignment : Light

Alyss is my primary alt. Her storyline has me completely hooked. I love the playstyle and I'm having a blast.
Alyss is currently blowing shit up on Balmorra.

Name and title : Lyrestra the Merciless
Race : Pureblood
Class: Sith Warrior
Advanced Class : Marauder
Alignment : Dark

Lyrestra used to be a human back on the first server. Since we've switched, I've missed her a lot and decided to reroll her, but with more style. This is my only melee character, and it's a nice change of pace. It's nice sometimes to just bash on things until they bleed.

Name and title : Agent Zashana
Race : Zabrak
Class: Imperial Agent
Advanced Class : Sniper
Alignment : Neutral

Nevie the human Sniper just didn't feel right at all, so I've decided to reroll a new Imperial Agent : Zashana. I've decided to go neither all dark or light side. I just do whatever feels right depending on the situation. It feels a lot more natural to just go with the flow, rather than always going for the obvious Light or Dark answer. And it seems Kaliyo is a lot more flexible than I thought.

Shani is currently working against terrorists and rebels on Dromund Kaas.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Good news everyone!

Ok, it's a "no one cares" news, but still!

I finally chose my Legacy name! Yay me!
I owe it to Kizu actually. He was the one to find it.

He said it was from Starcraft, some girl called Sarah Kerrigan, self-proclaimed "Queen of Blades", also known as the "Bitch Queen of the Universe". He said it fits perfectly.


Thank you, love.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Sniper's identity

I still don't get my Sniper's deal. Not that I roleplay, really, (not outside my head anyway) but it's fun to become the character as I play it. Makes it a lot more interesting.

There's a quest in Dromund Kaas' Citadel that's supposed to help players understand what Imperial Agents are about, or so I assume. But it only confused me more. I'm not sure what they were trying to tell me.

My Sniper, Nevie, is into the dark side stuff. She kills a lot. And she was accused of being too bloodthirsty for an Imperial Agent. Err... what? I guess it means those agents are like machines. No display of emotions regarding their work. It's like they don't get involved in the killings. It's not for revenge, for politics, for money. Killing is not something they can enjoy or disapprove of. It's just something that they do, like eating or sleeping. It's all very ... cold.

I'm curious enough about the Imperial Agent story to keep leveling this character, but I look forward to having a better grasp on her personality. In a game like this, where your choices can alter your experience to some degree, the character's personality seems rather important. For example, I don't like when my Sith ends up saying something that sounds submissive or polite, to the point that I often start the conversation over to say something more suiting instead. Even if it doesn't have such a big impact on my experience, I find it a lot more fun when my characters have a predefined attitude towards the world, and act accordingly.

My Sniper went dark because Kaliyo seemed to prefer violence (and I have to admit I love being a murdering bitch on both my Sith). My companion often influence my choice on the matter. But it's silly of me to let a companion decided for me how I want to play. It never occurred to me before, but it's no big deal if Kaliyo thinks I'm a wimp. Sure, it'll take time before she warms up to me, but who cares? If it's a problem for end game, if I ever get there, I'll deal with it then.

So I'm not sure yet if Nevie respects authority or not, if she's a patriot or some sort of mercenary. I don't know if she enjoys chaos, or if it simply doesn't bother her. I don't even know if I'll stick to the dark side or go Light or even neutral, but there's only one way to find out: play more and get to know her.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another quickie

I got the Founder title, yay!

I was always sad that I didn't start playing World of Warcraft in Vanilla, and never was part of "the beginning". So I'm thrilled to be here for "Vanilla Swtor"! =D 

The End of Act 1

I guess you could consider that this post contains some spoilers. Read at your own risks.

Jori the sorcerer has been busy last night.

Kizu and I decided to skip the rest of Tatooine to go to Alderaan and finish our respective class quests, so we could get our damn legacy names and fancy titles.

We didn't take any other quests on the way, as our log was already full with (green and grey) Tatooine quests, and went straight for the prize.

It was quite painful at times. But also a lot of fun. I got to flirt with a fellow Sith, Urtel Moren, and share sexy time with him. I particularly enjoyed telling Andronikos afterwards not to be jealous, as I already had gotten "what I wanted out of him." In other words, don't worry, bad boy, that random Sith was my toy for a while, but now I'm done with him.

I also killed a woman who helped me, simply because I didn't need her anymore. Ha! A Sith never says thank you. A Sith uses you until you run out of usefulness. And then you're dead. Well, that's what this Sith does, anyway.

After that I got to kill some Jedi, get a new lightsaber, torture some innocent woman for the sheer pleasure of it (which scored me my Dark Side Rank4), and then, I went back to my master, Darth Zash, on Dromund Kaas.

I knew I was gonna have to kill Zash. It only made sense. But there's some stuff I didn't see coming. I won't tell you what happens; if you wanna know more, I strongly suggest you roll an Inquisitor. If you just want to know omg nao!, you can get in touch with me, I'll gladly tell you what happened.

So now I got my "Lord" title, yay! And I can choose my legacy name. Fuck me. I soooo don't know which name to take. I hate Kizu. He just thought of a name all of a sudden, tried it, and it worked. Grrr. Damn you! I've been thinking about a good legacy name for days, and I still come up blank. QQ.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lightning Sorcerer Spell Priority List

As my sorcerer grows stronger, she learns new spells and tricks, so I thought this was a good time to talk about her rotation, or spell priority list. (All this info can be found on SithWarrior. This is not my work.)

Lightning Strike - to build up stacks of Subversion (useful for longer fights).
Force Lightning - on Lightning Barrage procs.
Affliction - keep up at all times.
Thundering Blast - on cooldown.
Crushing Darkness - on cooldown.
Lightning Strike - Filler, used to build Subversion stacks and proc Lightning Storm.

On longer fights,I like to start with the DoTs, (Affliction and Crushing Darkness) and then use Lightning Strike until something procs, and then I go down the list.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Just a quick post

Just a quick post to show off my new chest piece Kizu got me today.

Jori is now level 31 and a half, and if things go as planned, she should be level 32 (if not 33) tomorrow, and should have her legacy name. I still don't know what that will be, but I still got some time to think about it...


Last night, Kizu and I were questing on Tatooine. That place is... huge and sandy, to say the least. Most of the quests are ok, it's mostly about killing rogue droids, slaughtering adorable Jawas (first time I've ever felt bad about killing anyone) and dealing with the Sons of Palawa. There's also some zombie cyborg thing that is pretty interesting. Not too sure what that was about.

As a sorcerer, I had to talk to a contact at the cantina. A guy named Andronikos Revel. The name was familiar, but I didn't know why. It clicked when Khem Val started whining about how I was replacing him. Oh! Right. A new companion. Fuckin' finally.

I love Niko. He's kinda hawt. He's got the bad boy vibe going for him, and his voice is pretty sexy. That romance thing just got interesting. Plus, he does great dps, I can actually hear what he says, and he isn't in my way when I'm trying to loot or click on things. Yay for Niko. Here's hoping his story is interesting. But all I really care about, is that I finally can get rid of Khem.

After I took care of some low-life scum for Niko, I went on my merry way and ran across the desert to find people that had the artifact I was after. I was always too late and they had all left the encampment before I got there, until I finally ended up in a tent where there was a dead body. They had all killed each other, because the artifact was cursed, so all I had to do is loot the thing, and that was it. Back to the ship. It was all very anticlimactic. But Jori is now level 30 and a half!

And now, all that's standing between me and the end of chapter one is Alderaan.

...and half of Tatooine since Kizu wants to do all the quests before we move on. Sigh.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The day one of my toons got the -40 of shame... from me

Kizu finally found some time to play with me today, so Jori the evil sorcerer went from level 26 to 28 and a half. It was pretty fun.

But we we're questing in Nar Shaddaa, a level 20-24 zone. Most of the quests were unproblematic. The Heroic4 quests were somewhat of a challenge at times, as we 2man'd em, but nothing impossible. It only gave me more reason to hate Khem Val as he systematically attacked the target I had just CC'd. Grr.

At the end, the quests were grey, and so were the mobs. But we've seen pretty much all the zone had to offer. Not my favourite zone by a long shot, but I guess we can't all love the same things. The Promenade looks great, love the colours, but everything is so... indoors-y, and well ... shady. I guess you could say I'm not too fond of Hutts and the likes. But I digress.

The fun part in all this is the bonus series are level 31. Mkay. Guess we'll go level somewhere else for a while, and then come back. Maybe I'm missing something here, but doesn't make much sense to me to jump from level 24 content, to 31 in the same zone.

Or maybe they knew we'd outlevel the content and we'd be 28ish at that point. I do want to see as much of the quests as possible, but this a little ridiculous. I haven't been in a zone of the appropriate level since... Dromund Kaas.

In other news, my sorcerer is slowly but surely getting to the end of Act 1, which is good. I'm not especially fond of the storyline so far, but I get to be evil and that's fun. For the first time though, I've been completely flabbergasted by some things I had to say in order to get my dark side points. There were other answers that sounded better, and more evil-like, but they didn't give dark side points, so I had to ask for those people to give me all their credits so I could get myself robes made of solid gold.

Even I thought that was out of line. And just plain wrong. Slaughter a whole village if you like, torture innocents and butcher anyone who stands in your way, but don't take money from worshippers like some vile, low-life, greedy thief. Surely a powerful sith such as her would never lower herself to this level? Well apparently yes. And it made me feel terribly ashamed of my sorcerer.

I mean, even that no good Khem Val winced. It really was that bad.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Agent Nevie

I gave the Imperial Agent another shot, and I'm quite glad I did. Nevie is now level 8, and I'm still wondering which Advanced Class I'll be picking up in two levels, because they both look awesome. I have a slight preference for Sniper, though.

I kinda love the playstyle after all. It's pretty fun to find a good hiding spot, throw grenades and shoot people between the eyes. At first, I didn't get what her deal was. The Siths are just powerful and evil, it's what they're trained for. Bounty Hunters kill or steal or cheat and get paid for it. But what are the Imperial Agents all about?

I decided that an Agent (mine anyway) is about serving the Empire and getting the job done, no matter what. I get to be a female James Bond with a license to kill, and massacre, and inflict pain.

Plus, I get to be dark side, and my companion Kaliyo is badass and enjoys the chaos I leave in my wake. I get to be a cold bitch that cares only for herself, and knows no remorse. I don't know yet if she actually enjoys killing like my Siths do, or if she just doesn't care as long as she gets paid. I don't see her losing sleep over killing innocents. But I can't picture her as truly evil, either.

I look forward to figuring this one out. This is gonna be fun.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

There are two things I really want right now

  • Character transfers between servers so my Maurauder can wreak havoc with her sisters.
  • An in-game barbershop so Jori and Alyss can have different haircuts.
I'm such a girl, this is driving me crazy! All my toons being higher than level 20, I really don't feel like just starting from scratch...again. So fuck it, I'll try and be patient. I'm a big girl, I can deal with it.


It's all about power

I really enjoy being a sith, be it an Inquisitor or a Warrior. I enjoy the playstyles, but it's the interaction with the NPC's that really make it interesting.

Both my Sith inspire fear, respect and more fear. When quest giver speak to my Siths (I don't know what the plural for Sith is) they apologize for existing, for daring being in the presence of magnificent me. Even the Inquisitor, who used to be a slave, is now treated with all the respect she deserves. Because they know she could end their miserable existence without breaking a sweat, and there's actually nothing she'd love more than to do just that. And they thank me for letting them live.

And I especially love the NPCs that think they can beat me, the look on their face is priceless when I slice them into pieces.

On the other hand, when I'm playing my bounty hunter, most of the quest giver treat me like shit. But it's fine, because I get credits for my work, and I could care less what they think of me. And if they piss me off, I can use 'em as targeting practice. (Mako would sulk for a while if I did that, but nothing a nice gift wouldn't fix.)

Anyway you look at it, I always win.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Planning Ahead - My Mercenary DPS talent build

My Bounty Hunter reached level 18 tonight, and I decided to plan for her as well. Here is a link to this arsenal build on torhead. I found info about this on SithWarrior as well.


Tier 1

10-11 Mandalorian Iron Warheads
12-14 Ironsights

Tier 2

15-17 Stabilizers
18 Muzzle Fluting
19 Upgraded Arsenal

Tier 3

20 Tracer Missile
21-22 Target Tracking
23-24 Power Barrier

Tier 4

25 Light'Em Up
26-27 Terminal Velocity

Tier 2

28-29 Custom Enviro Suit

Tier 5

30 Riddle
31 Tracer Lock
32 Kolto Vents

Tier 3

33-34 Afterburners

Tier 6

35-37 Barrage
38-39 Power Overrides

Tier 7

40 Heatseeker Missiles


Tier 1

41-43 Advanced Targeting.


Tier 1

44-45 Improved Vents
46-48 Hired Muscle

49-50 ??

Did some backtracking to get better talents before putting points in optional talents such as Afterburners and Custom Enviro Suit. There are two points left to use. I'm still not sure where I'll put them yet.

Planning Ahead - My Sorcerer DPS talent build

My Sorcerer is level 26, and even though I'm not in a rush to reach level 50, I do like to plan ahead. Here is how I plan to pick my talents over time. Here is a link to the build on Torhead. I found it on SithWarrior.


Tier 1

10-12 Electric Induction
13-15 Convection
16-17 Reserves

Tier 2

18-19 Subversion

Tier 3

20 Chain Lightning
21-22 Lightning Barrage

Tier 2

23-24 Exsanguinate

Tier 4

25 Lightning Storm
26-27 Lightning Effusion

Tier 2

28 Lightning Spire
29 Lightning Barrier

Tier 5

30-32 Forked Lightning
33 Conduction
34 Polarity Shift

Tier 6

35-39 Reverberating Force

Tier 7

40 Thundering Blast


Tier 1

41-43 Calcify
44-45 Will of the Sith
46-47 Disintegration


Tier 1

48-50 Sleeping Darkness

I'm doing a bit of backtracking here because I didn't want to wait until I could take Chain Lightning and wanted to get to Lightning Storm as soon as possible.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Enjoying the moment

I was playing WoW today, and then it hit me. I realized how happy I am that I can play swtor right now.

Swtor is full of opportunities. Swtor is a true new start.

It's great to level a character and not know all the quests by heart. Even when I do a zone a second time on an alt, it's not exactly the same, because of class quests, but also because of the alignment of the character. The quests are pretty much the same, but some stuff changes depending on if you wanna kick the puppy or if you decide to save it. (I actually want to make a dark side Bounty Hunter just so I can redo The Musty Trail and choose to kill lady Dak'ah instead of bringing the guy back to his family. I was really sad that I had to let that bitch live. Or maybe I'd just kill the guy. Because what do I care?)

I love not having to worry about commitment. Kizu and I play when we feel like it. We level slowly. We do mostly all the quests. We explore zones, we take the time to look at the landscapes, and we also make sure to find as many holocrons as possible. (That's actually Kizu's thing, but it's nice to find secret places.)

I've always been in a rush to get to the end of things. For once, I want to take it slow, and savour the moment. I think I'm becoming allergic to commitment.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Speeders are fast, but look dumb

Jori finally reached level 25 today (26 even), and bought her very own speeder. It looks very uncomfortable to ride, though, but it's faster then running.

Kizu and I also found a group for Athiss and Mandalorian Raiders. Athiss was fine, as we all massively outlevel'd all the mobs, but Mandalorian Raiders was another story. We had a level 38 operative with us, which was the only member to survive the four jedis encounter. And I died to the last boss, because apparently, the level 38 operative can't hold aggro for shit, and neither can the marauder. So who was tanking? The squishy sorcerer.

But it was fun nonetheless, and I'm glad I finally got to see new content! We still outlevel the zone we are in, but it's nice to explore a new place and see what kind of quests are offered. I wonder where we'll go next.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Fun times

Kizu and I have made it to level 24 today.

In Balmorra. Which is a level 16-20.

What the fuck.

We do have fun, though. We enjoy the little competition in the dialogues where he says "Let's save all the bunnies!" and I say "let's kill them in front or their children and then wipe our boots on em." Whenever I win the roll and my Jori gets to have her bloody way, he looks at me with that "you're so evil" look and then I laugh and it goes on for hours.

We also try and do all the quests in each zones, except for Balmorra. After we did the Bonus Series part, we decided to drop the quests we had left, which were very green, or even grey. And we both hate the Colicoids. So fuck it.

So back on our respective ship we are, heading for Nar Shaadaa. (Which is level 20-24...)

And as we were looking at the big galactic map, Kizu tells me how excited he is to get to Coruscant, but that it doesn't seem to appear on the map. And then we realize that it's probably a Republic zone, and that we'd have to make pink unicorn jedis and go to happy land to be able to actually quest on Coruscant. (I'm not exactly sure about that, but it's the only explanation I can find at the moment.)

Which we might actually do, since Sty made me roll a republic toon anyway, and it would be quite nice to get to see different zones and quests. It's not like we're in a rush to reach endgame anyway.

Might as well enjoy the ride for as long as possible.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The things I do to make Sty happy.

Sty is evil. He made me join the Republic!

On a new server. And join a guild. With people from WoW.

After creating many characters, I decided to roll a Twi'lek Consular and try the stealthy rogue-ish class. (I already wanted to try that - the assassin that is - but since I didn't feel like seeing the Inquisitor's story again, and suffer Khem Val for any longer than I have to, seeing the republic version of it seems like a good solution.)

But apparently all my companions will hate me if I randomly kill people soooo light side it is! All that to please (yet another) foreign language speaking frog.

And my toon's lekku annoy the crap outta me. They move ALL THE TIME!



Edit : I deleted Jorie and made her human because her lekku (lekkus?) were driving me batshit crazy. She is now level 5.

The quests are fun so far, and if the story isn't as engrossing as the Bounty Hunter's was, it's still entertaining enough to hold my interest. And I'm curious to see what the Shadow class is about.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Amazing how many words one can use to say very little

Kizu and I still aren't level 25, for many reasons. One of them being that Kizu has been working a lot, and needing lots of sleep, and since we decided to level together, my sorcerer didn't see much actions in the past few days.

My Bounty Hunter, on the other hand, has been a bit more busy. She's been in the Black Talon, where she scored a new chest, boots and a new gun. Her pewpews are even better now.

I'm loving the change of playstyle. Being a sorcerer rocks, you get to electrocute all the things, but being a mercenary also rocks, cuz hey, two blaster pistols. And Death from Above is just that cool. The story is also totally engrossing, and I find myself completely immersed in it. I gotta admit that I have a thing for Mako, too. I want to help her so bad, and I want her to love me, so I'm glad I decided to go light side, even if it doesn't feel natural to let people walk away when I could've ended their miserable life.

I've also tried to level an imperial agent, at least to level 10ish, so I can get a taste of their background story, but I'm not as interested in it as I was with my Bounty Hunter. I'm not sure I love the "take cover and shoot stuff" type, but I will give it another try before I give up. So far, every character story has been interesting in some way, I don't see why it would be different with the Imperial Agent. I just have to get used to the playstyle.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


I was on Torhead last night, like most of the time since I started playing this game. I love Torhead! There's so much stuff there, I spend more time reading it then playing the actual game. Ok, maybe not.

I was looking at titles, and clicked on the Lord one, available to Siths. Of course, I went into the Comments section, to see how to get this very cool title.

First comment has my answer. Awesome. Moving on.

Why I kept scrolling down, I do not know. I had the information I was looking for, after all. Oh wait, I know. The second comment caught my attention.

Fuck me, what's the spoiler?

/scrolls down



Yes, I only have myself to blame for being curious. I know that.

But the worse of all this, is mister obvious saying that you go to Torhead for info anyway, may that be a spoiler or not.

That's just plain stupid.

I mean sure, I come here for info, but not fucking spoilers. "End of Act 1" is a perfectly valid answer. It's enough info. You really don't need to get into the specifics.

But maybe that's just me.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Don't be a wuss

When Kizu and I logged on Swtor for the first time, we had to pick a side. That's the first decision (of many) that you have to make.

We quickly agreed on the Empire. Why? I don't know. In World of Warcraft, we play on the Horde side. I guess we identify with the "bad guys".

After we each picked a class, a race and a gender, we started leveling. But soon enough, you come across a new choice. Light or dark side?

Cue evil laughter. Of course I wanna kill people for fun. Dark side it is. But when we rerolled on the new server, Kizu decided to go light side. Light side for a Sith Warrior. Wtf. His BH went light side too, which mostly can work, but a Sith? Sorry, doesn't make sense to me. Go on the Republic side if you wanna be a big wuss.

Yeah I'm mean. Republic people can be dark side too. Sure. But I don't get how you can be a Sith fucking warrior and want to go to the light side. If you wanna save lives, why are you a Sith to begin with? There must be something I'm missing here. Maybe there is such a thing as a nice Sith.

But where's the fun in that?

Even Siths QQ sometimes

We finally made it to the level 22. Woot! I don't know when my Inquisitor is getting a new companion, but I can't wait. Stupid Khem Val. It's sad, because it's the only companion that I don't like. And I love my sorcerer so much. Would be nice to have a companion I enjoy being with.

Kizu hasn't felt like playing much these past few days. Stupid work taking all this precious time. I'm anxious to reach level 25 and get a speeder or whatever it is, but it moves faster! So much running around. And it's so damn slow. Even with Sprint.

I hated the SI quest that had me get a serum to become a Colicoid and then go down in a pit of green goo, swarming with bugs. I got stuck in the floor, I fell to my death, and after I was done, I just used my Quick Travel ability, because I was too annoyed to fight my way back out. But it's the first time I really dislike a quest. Most of them are fun, but that might be because I hardly ever solo quests.

I rather quest with Kizu, because I'm lazy, and everything becomes so easy with a partner, especially one that can heal.

Monday, January 2, 2012

I hate Khem'Val

When I switched from Sith Warrior to Inquisitor, I was sad.

Yes sad, because the voice of my character changed. I loved how my warrior sounded. But I guess it's only that I was used to it, because now, I can barely remember it. And I love my Inquisitor's voice now. She sounds evil. And a little crazy. Love it.

I also miss Vette. It may seem silly, but companions are a huge part of the gameplay, and it just isn't the same without my blue Twi'lek at my side. The bounty hunter's first companion, the sweet Mako, is awesome, if you wanna go light side that is. I can't imagine how you could make her love you with all the killing and random cruelty the dark side people seem to prefer. But being on the light side really isn't as much fun. (What do you mean I can't kill that guy? But he deserves it! He's a big fat liar... Oh alright. This better score me lots of affection points!)

But Khem'Val is just so... meh. I don't like him one bit. He's too big and I keep clicking on him when I don't mean to. His story is far from being as interesting as Vette's or Mako's, and everytime he talks, I have to toggle on my chat window to see what he said.

Why yes, I play with the chat turned off. Why? Because I hate general chat. I let Kizu do the socializing when it is required, as in, when he wants to run flashpoints. We level together, we do every quests together, even the heroic 4 ones, and that's how we enjoy the game. Even if we die a lot to champions ganking up on us.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Decisions, decisions

My boyfriend Kizu and I have been playing SW:ToR for little over a week now, and we still haven't reached the level 20 on any toons.

We started our first characters on a server that was "light population", and Kizu decided he wanted to go to a more populated server so we would have more people to run flashpoints and heroic quests with. Back then, my marauder and his sorcerer were level 19. We decided we had to switch omgnow before our toons got any higher.

So we did. On the new server, Kizu started a Sith Warrior then went Juggernaut for tanking, and I made an Inquisitor, my Jori, and fell in love with the class. I loved my marauder, and I enjoyed swinging two lightsabers, but there's something about shooting lightning everywhere that really appeals to me. I rerolled a sith warrior, but she's still level seven for the moment.

When we first did the Athiss flashpoint, we had a mercenary healer. Kizu and I were amazed to see him heal us with his pistols! Kizu instantly decided he needed one of those.

And now, my sorcerer is level 19. But I have to wait for Kizu while he levels his bounty hunter. The quests are fun, but I just did them, so I can't wait to see new content. Fortunately, the class quests are fun and interesting, so it's not exactly the same, but still. I kinda want to see more than Dromund Kaas. But while Kizu levels, I can't do much, so I decided to try a new class.

Since both my warrior and inquisitor are on the dark side, I decided I wanted to see what happens when you don't instantly kill people for no other apparent reason than for looking at me wrong. (I do enjoy that, though. A lot.) So I created a Bounty Hunter, who cares mostly about credits, but she doesn't mindlessly kill people for the shear pleasure of it. It feels weird, actually.

So any day now, we'll be seeing content past Dromund Kaas. I hope.


I have been blogging about World of Warcraft for a couple months now and I enjoy it a lot, so now that I've started playing Star Wars: the Old Republic, I need a second blog!

Here, I will talk about leveling characters, flashpoints, classes and everything else I might enjoy about the game.

For the Empire!