Saturday, January 14, 2012

Speeders are fast, but look dumb

Jori finally reached level 25 today (26 even), and bought her very own speeder. It looks very uncomfortable to ride, though, but it's faster then running.

Kizu and I also found a group for Athiss and Mandalorian Raiders. Athiss was fine, as we all massively outlevel'd all the mobs, but Mandalorian Raiders was another story. We had a level 38 operative with us, which was the only member to survive the four jedis encounter. And I died to the last boss, because apparently, the level 38 operative can't hold aggro for shit, and neither can the marauder. So who was tanking? The squishy sorcerer.

But it was fun nonetheless, and I'm glad I finally got to see new content! We still outlevel the zone we are in, but it's nice to explore a new place and see what kind of quests are offered. I wonder where we'll go next.

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