Sunday, January 1, 2012

Decisions, decisions

My boyfriend Kizu and I have been playing SW:ToR for little over a week now, and we still haven't reached the level 20 on any toons.

We started our first characters on a server that was "light population", and Kizu decided he wanted to go to a more populated server so we would have more people to run flashpoints and heroic quests with. Back then, my marauder and his sorcerer were level 19. We decided we had to switch omgnow before our toons got any higher.

So we did. On the new server, Kizu started a Sith Warrior then went Juggernaut for tanking, and I made an Inquisitor, my Jori, and fell in love with the class. I loved my marauder, and I enjoyed swinging two lightsabers, but there's something about shooting lightning everywhere that really appeals to me. I rerolled a sith warrior, but she's still level seven for the moment.

When we first did the Athiss flashpoint, we had a mercenary healer. Kizu and I were amazed to see him heal us with his pistols! Kizu instantly decided he needed one of those.

And now, my sorcerer is level 19. But I have to wait for Kizu while he levels his bounty hunter. The quests are fun, but I just did them, so I can't wait to see new content. Fortunately, the class quests are fun and interesting, so it's not exactly the same, but still. I kinda want to see more than Dromund Kaas. But while Kizu levels, I can't do much, so I decided to try a new class.

Since both my warrior and inquisitor are on the dark side, I decided I wanted to see what happens when you don't instantly kill people for no other apparent reason than for looking at me wrong. (I do enjoy that, though. A lot.) So I created a Bounty Hunter, who cares mostly about credits, but she doesn't mindlessly kill people for the shear pleasure of it. It feels weird, actually.

So any day now, we'll be seeing content past Dromund Kaas. I hope.

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