Monday, January 23, 2012


Last night, Kizu and I were questing on Tatooine. That place is... huge and sandy, to say the least. Most of the quests are ok, it's mostly about killing rogue droids, slaughtering adorable Jawas (first time I've ever felt bad about killing anyone) and dealing with the Sons of Palawa. There's also some zombie cyborg thing that is pretty interesting. Not too sure what that was about.

As a sorcerer, I had to talk to a contact at the cantina. A guy named Andronikos Revel. The name was familiar, but I didn't know why. It clicked when Khem Val started whining about how I was replacing him. Oh! Right. A new companion. Fuckin' finally.

I love Niko. He's kinda hawt. He's got the bad boy vibe going for him, and his voice is pretty sexy. That romance thing just got interesting. Plus, he does great dps, I can actually hear what he says, and he isn't in my way when I'm trying to loot or click on things. Yay for Niko. Here's hoping his story is interesting. But all I really care about, is that I finally can get rid of Khem.

After I took care of some low-life scum for Niko, I went on my merry way and ran across the desert to find people that had the artifact I was after. I was always too late and they had all left the encampment before I got there, until I finally ended up in a tent where there was a dead body. They had all killed each other, because the artifact was cursed, so all I had to do is loot the thing, and that was it. Back to the ship. It was all very anticlimactic. But Jori is now level 30 and a half!

And now, all that's standing between me and the end of chapter one is Alderaan.

...and half of Tatooine since Kizu wants to do all the quests before we move on. Sigh.

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