Thursday, January 19, 2012

Agent Nevie

I gave the Imperial Agent another shot, and I'm quite glad I did. Nevie is now level 8, and I'm still wondering which Advanced Class I'll be picking up in two levels, because they both look awesome. I have a slight preference for Sniper, though.

I kinda love the playstyle after all. It's pretty fun to find a good hiding spot, throw grenades and shoot people between the eyes. At first, I didn't get what her deal was. The Siths are just powerful and evil, it's what they're trained for. Bounty Hunters kill or steal or cheat and get paid for it. But what are the Imperial Agents all about?

I decided that an Agent (mine anyway) is about serving the Empire and getting the job done, no matter what. I get to be a female James Bond with a license to kill, and massacre, and inflict pain.

Plus, I get to be dark side, and my companion Kaliyo is badass and enjoys the chaos I leave in my wake. I get to be a cold bitch that cares only for herself, and knows no remorse. I don't know yet if she actually enjoys killing like my Siths do, or if she just doesn't care as long as she gets paid. I don't see her losing sleep over killing innocents. But I can't picture her as truly evil, either.

I look forward to figuring this one out. This is gonna be fun.

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