Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Even Siths QQ sometimes

We finally made it to the level 22. Woot! I don't know when my Inquisitor is getting a new companion, but I can't wait. Stupid Khem Val. It's sad, because it's the only companion that I don't like. And I love my sorcerer so much. Would be nice to have a companion I enjoy being with.

Kizu hasn't felt like playing much these past few days. Stupid work taking all this precious time. I'm anxious to reach level 25 and get a speeder or whatever it is, but it moves faster! So much running around. And it's so damn slow. Even with Sprint.

I hated the SI quest that had me get a serum to become a Colicoid and then go down in a pit of green goo, swarming with bugs. I got stuck in the floor, I fell to my death, and after I was done, I just used my Quick Travel ability, because I was too annoyed to fight my way back out. But it's the first time I really dislike a quest. Most of them are fun, but that might be because I hardly ever solo quests.

I rather quest with Kizu, because I'm lazy, and everything becomes so easy with a partner, especially one that can heal.

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