Friday, January 13, 2012

Fun times

Kizu and I have made it to level 24 today.

In Balmorra. Which is a level 16-20.

What the fuck.

We do have fun, though. We enjoy the little competition in the dialogues where he says "Let's save all the bunnies!" and I say "let's kill them in front or their children and then wipe our boots on em." Whenever I win the roll and my Jori gets to have her bloody way, he looks at me with that "you're so evil" look and then I laugh and it goes on for hours.

We also try and do all the quests in each zones, except for Balmorra. After we did the Bonus Series part, we decided to drop the quests we had left, which were very green, or even grey. And we both hate the Colicoids. So fuck it.

So back on our respective ship we are, heading for Nar Shaadaa. (Which is level 20-24...)

And as we were looking at the big galactic map, Kizu tells me how excited he is to get to Coruscant, but that it doesn't seem to appear on the map. And then we realize that it's probably a Republic zone, and that we'd have to make pink unicorn jedis and go to happy land to be able to actually quest on Coruscant. (I'm not exactly sure about that, but it's the only explanation I can find at the moment.)

Which we might actually do, since Sty made me roll a republic toon anyway, and it would be quite nice to get to see different zones and quests. It's not like we're in a rush to reach endgame anyway.

Might as well enjoy the ride for as long as possible.

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