Monday, January 2, 2012

I hate Khem'Val

When I switched from Sith Warrior to Inquisitor, I was sad.

Yes sad, because the voice of my character changed. I loved how my warrior sounded. But I guess it's only that I was used to it, because now, I can barely remember it. And I love my Inquisitor's voice now. She sounds evil. And a little crazy. Love it.

I also miss Vette. It may seem silly, but companions are a huge part of the gameplay, and it just isn't the same without my blue Twi'lek at my side. The bounty hunter's first companion, the sweet Mako, is awesome, if you wanna go light side that is. I can't imagine how you could make her love you with all the killing and random cruelty the dark side people seem to prefer. But being on the light side really isn't as much fun. (What do you mean I can't kill that guy? But he deserves it! He's a big fat liar... Oh alright. This better score me lots of affection points!)

But Khem'Val is just so... meh. I don't like him one bit. He's too big and I keep clicking on him when I don't mean to. His story is far from being as interesting as Vette's or Mako's, and everytime he talks, I have to toggle on my chat window to see what he said.

Why yes, I play with the chat turned off. Why? Because I hate general chat. I let Kizu do the socializing when it is required, as in, when he wants to run flashpoints. We level together, we do every quests together, even the heroic 4 ones, and that's how we enjoy the game. Even if we die a lot to champions ganking up on us.

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