Sunday, January 15, 2012

Enjoying the moment

I was playing WoW today, and then it hit me. I realized how happy I am that I can play swtor right now.

Swtor is full of opportunities. Swtor is a true new start.

It's great to level a character and not know all the quests by heart. Even when I do a zone a second time on an alt, it's not exactly the same, because of class quests, but also because of the alignment of the character. The quests are pretty much the same, but some stuff changes depending on if you wanna kick the puppy or if you decide to save it. (I actually want to make a dark side Bounty Hunter just so I can redo The Musty Trail and choose to kill lady Dak'ah instead of bringing the guy back to his family. I was really sad that I had to let that bitch live. Or maybe I'd just kill the guy. Because what do I care?)

I love not having to worry about commitment. Kizu and I play when we feel like it. We level slowly. We do mostly all the quests. We explore zones, we take the time to look at the landscapes, and we also make sure to find as many holocrons as possible. (That's actually Kizu's thing, but it's nice to find secret places.)

I've always been in a rush to get to the end of things. For once, I want to take it slow, and savour the moment. I think I'm becoming allergic to commitment.

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