Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The End of Act 1

I guess you could consider that this post contains some spoilers. Read at your own risks.

Jori the sorcerer has been busy last night.

Kizu and I decided to skip the rest of Tatooine to go to Alderaan and finish our respective class quests, so we could get our damn legacy names and fancy titles.

We didn't take any other quests on the way, as our log was already full with (green and grey) Tatooine quests, and went straight for the prize.

It was quite painful at times. But also a lot of fun. I got to flirt with a fellow Sith, Urtel Moren, and share sexy time with him. I particularly enjoyed telling Andronikos afterwards not to be jealous, as I already had gotten "what I wanted out of him." In other words, don't worry, bad boy, that random Sith was my toy for a while, but now I'm done with him.

I also killed a woman who helped me, simply because I didn't need her anymore. Ha! A Sith never says thank you. A Sith uses you until you run out of usefulness. And then you're dead. Well, that's what this Sith does, anyway.

After that I got to kill some Jedi, get a new lightsaber, torture some innocent woman for the sheer pleasure of it (which scored me my Dark Side Rank4), and then, I went back to my master, Darth Zash, on Dromund Kaas.

I knew I was gonna have to kill Zash. It only made sense. But there's some stuff I didn't see coming. I won't tell you what happens; if you wanna know more, I strongly suggest you roll an Inquisitor. If you just want to know omg nao!, you can get in touch with me, I'll gladly tell you what happened.

So now I got my "Lord" title, yay! And I can choose my legacy name. Fuck me. I soooo don't know which name to take. I hate Kizu. He just thought of a name all of a sudden, tried it, and it worked. Grrr. Damn you! I've been thinking about a good legacy name for days, and I still come up blank. QQ.

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