About the writer

I'm a 26 year old girl. I speak french, I love writing, reading fantasy novels, watching Supernatural and Doctor Who, playing video games and listening to all kinds of music. I also really enjoy reading blogs about the games that I play. At the moment, I actively play and blog about World of Warcraft and Swtor.

About the blog

Here, you will find some sort of journal of my adventures in levelingland in the world of Star Wars : the Old Republic. I do a lot of leveling. I have a hard time playing just one class, so I'm bound to level a couple toons, if only to see their class story. I've been a healer for a while in World of Warcraft, but I stopped enjoying it a long time ago and am now dedicated to being a damage dealer. That's what I enjoy the most, and it is what I do best. So that will most likely be what I will be talking about here.

I don't do guides, or strats. I just talk about what I do in game, what I want to do, what I enjoy, what annoys me. If I ever get into raiding at some point (which I suppose is inevitable) I will probably babble about that too.

Why The Sith Code?

When I first started playing, I picked a Sith Warrior. When Kizu and I rerolled on our actual server, I went for a Sith Inquisitor instead. Common denominator? Yes, the Sith. I wanted to play an evil, cruel, bloodthirsty, mass murdering Sith Lord. The Sith code encourages hate and chaos and destruction, and I thought it was pretty fitting.

The fact that I spend more time on alts than on any of my Sith is irrelevant.