Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The things I do to make Sty happy.

Sty is evil. He made me join the Republic!

On a new server. And join a guild. With people from WoW.

After creating many characters, I decided to roll a Twi'lek Consular and try the stealthy rogue-ish class. (I already wanted to try that - the assassin that is - but since I didn't feel like seeing the Inquisitor's story again, and suffer Khem Val for any longer than I have to, seeing the republic version of it seems like a good solution.)

But apparently all my companions will hate me if I randomly kill people soooo light side it is! All that to please (yet another) foreign language speaking frog.

And my toon's lekku annoy the crap outta me. They move ALL THE TIME!



Edit : I deleted Jorie and made her human because her lekku (lekkus?) were driving me batshit crazy. She is now level 5.

The quests are fun so far, and if the story isn't as engrossing as the Bounty Hunter's was, it's still entertaining enough to hold my interest. And I'm curious to see what the Shadow class is about.

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