Thursday, January 5, 2012


I was on Torhead last night, like most of the time since I started playing this game. I love Torhead! There's so much stuff there, I spend more time reading it then playing the actual game. Ok, maybe not.

I was looking at titles, and clicked on the Lord one, available to Siths. Of course, I went into the Comments section, to see how to get this very cool title.

First comment has my answer. Awesome. Moving on.

Why I kept scrolling down, I do not know. I had the information I was looking for, after all. Oh wait, I know. The second comment caught my attention.

Fuck me, what's the spoiler?

/scrolls down



Yes, I only have myself to blame for being curious. I know that.

But the worse of all this, is mister obvious saying that you go to Torhead for info anyway, may that be a spoiler or not.

That's just plain stupid.

I mean sure, I come here for info, but not fucking spoilers. "End of Act 1" is a perfectly valid answer. It's enough info. You really don't need to get into the specifics.

But maybe that's just me.

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