Saturday, January 21, 2012

The day one of my toons got the -40 of shame... from me

Kizu finally found some time to play with me today, so Jori the evil sorcerer went from level 26 to 28 and a half. It was pretty fun.

But we we're questing in Nar Shaddaa, a level 20-24 zone. Most of the quests were unproblematic. The Heroic4 quests were somewhat of a challenge at times, as we 2man'd em, but nothing impossible. It only gave me more reason to hate Khem Val as he systematically attacked the target I had just CC'd. Grr.

At the end, the quests were grey, and so were the mobs. But we've seen pretty much all the zone had to offer. Not my favourite zone by a long shot, but I guess we can't all love the same things. The Promenade looks great, love the colours, but everything is so... indoors-y, and well ... shady. I guess you could say I'm not too fond of Hutts and the likes. But I digress.

The fun part in all this is the bonus series are level 31. Mkay. Guess we'll go level somewhere else for a while, and then come back. Maybe I'm missing something here, but doesn't make much sense to me to jump from level 24 content, to 31 in the same zone.

Or maybe they knew we'd outlevel the content and we'd be 28ish at that point. I do want to see as much of the quests as possible, but this a little ridiculous. I haven't been in a zone of the appropriate level since... Dromund Kaas.

In other news, my sorcerer is slowly but surely getting to the end of Act 1, which is good. I'm not especially fond of the storyline so far, but I get to be evil and that's fun. For the first time though, I've been completely flabbergasted by some things I had to say in order to get my dark side points. There were other answers that sounded better, and more evil-like, but they didn't give dark side points, so I had to ask for those people to give me all their credits so I could get myself robes made of solid gold.

Even I thought that was out of line. And just plain wrong. Slaughter a whole village if you like, torture innocents and butcher anyone who stands in your way, but don't take money from worshippers like some vile, low-life, greedy thief. Surely a powerful sith such as her would never lower herself to this level? Well apparently yes. And it made me feel terribly ashamed of my sorcerer.

I mean, even that no good Khem Val winced. It really was that bad.

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