Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Don't be a wuss

When Kizu and I logged on Swtor for the first time, we had to pick a side. That's the first decision (of many) that you have to make.

We quickly agreed on the Empire. Why? I don't know. In World of Warcraft, we play on the Horde side. I guess we identify with the "bad guys".

After we each picked a class, a race and a gender, we started leveling. But soon enough, you come across a new choice. Light or dark side?

Cue evil laughter. Of course I wanna kill people for fun. Dark side it is. But when we rerolled on the new server, Kizu decided to go light side. Light side for a Sith Warrior. Wtf. His BH went light side too, which mostly can work, but a Sith? Sorry, doesn't make sense to me. Go on the Republic side if you wanna be a big wuss.

Yeah I'm mean. Republic people can be dark side too. Sure. But I don't get how you can be a Sith fucking warrior and want to go to the light side. If you wanna save lives, why are you a Sith to begin with? There must be something I'm missing here. Maybe there is such a thing as a nice Sith.

But where's the fun in that?

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