Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Sniper's identity

I still don't get my Sniper's deal. Not that I roleplay, really, (not outside my head anyway) but it's fun to become the character as I play it. Makes it a lot more interesting.

There's a quest in Dromund Kaas' Citadel that's supposed to help players understand what Imperial Agents are about, or so I assume. But it only confused me more. I'm not sure what they were trying to tell me.

My Sniper, Nevie, is into the dark side stuff. She kills a lot. And she was accused of being too bloodthirsty for an Imperial Agent. Err... what? I guess it means those agents are like machines. No display of emotions regarding their work. It's like they don't get involved in the killings. It's not for revenge, for politics, for money. Killing is not something they can enjoy or disapprove of. It's just something that they do, like eating or sleeping. It's all very ... cold.

I'm curious enough about the Imperial Agent story to keep leveling this character, but I look forward to having a better grasp on her personality. In a game like this, where your choices can alter your experience to some degree, the character's personality seems rather important. For example, I don't like when my Sith ends up saying something that sounds submissive or polite, to the point that I often start the conversation over to say something more suiting instead. Even if it doesn't have such a big impact on my experience, I find it a lot more fun when my characters have a predefined attitude towards the world, and act accordingly.

My Sniper went dark because Kaliyo seemed to prefer violence (and I have to admit I love being a murdering bitch on both my Sith). My companion often influence my choice on the matter. But it's silly of me to let a companion decided for me how I want to play. It never occurred to me before, but it's no big deal if Kaliyo thinks I'm a wimp. Sure, it'll take time before she warms up to me, but who cares? If it's a problem for end game, if I ever get there, I'll deal with it then.

So I'm not sure yet if Nevie respects authority or not, if she's a patriot or some sort of mercenary. I don't know if she enjoys chaos, or if it simply doesn't bother her. I don't even know if I'll stick to the dark side or go Light or even neutral, but there's only one way to find out: play more and get to know her.


  1. The things we do to keep our companions happy...I was lucky that Khem Val warmed up to my Sorcerer, after seeing they had a shared interest in the frequent use of the purple lightning...

  2. Indeed. Khemmy was easily pleased. But other companions like Ashara will probably be more difficult to convince. I guess they can't all love every action that you do. With one companion, it's easy to keep him happy. But when you end up with five, there's no way everything you do will net you affection points with all of them. There's bound to be some -1 of shame.