Tuesday, February 21, 2012

CADD : Character Attention Deficit Disorder

Maybe you know by now that I change my mind a lot. And that I'm an alt whore.

Kizu doesn't have the time to level all sorts of alts like I do. So when he sits down and says "let's play Swtor" there aren't a thousand possibilities. He'll be either playing his Bounty Hunter or his baby Jedi Shadow. 

Me? Well. I used to play my Sorcerer with his Bounty Hunter. But I'm bored with her. Sure she shoots lightning and she is evil to the core. And I will most likely see her whole storyline someday. Just not soon. Because I've discovered that there are classes I enjoy more. Like the Sith Marauder for example.

/cue me sorting frantically through my Fraps folder (which already contains a gazillion screenshots 'cause I'm a bit crazy like that - god I wish windows xp allowed bigger thumbnails, this is a pain) for the perfect screenshot.

Lyrestra is Dark Side rank 2 on this picture.
The only reason I tolerate the mask is because
it doesn't hide her whole face, nor her hair.
Yes, I'm shallow like that.
On a side note, I wish Vette was evil.

But my Sorcerer was level 33 when I abandoned her, and the marauder was only, well, level one. So I've been leveling her - though I've given up waiting for rested XP. I want to play her, and I need her to be level 33 asap, to play with Kizu, but more importantly to see the end of Act 1 and get Jaesa in Alderaan. 

See, I'm a naughty girl. I love watching cut scenes on Youtube. Particularly the End of act 1 of each class and romances with companions. Since the moment I realized I could get a companion that would be pretty AND evil, I've wanted her. And I'm really sad that my Sith can't be a lesbian, 'cause she'd totally hit that. But anyway.

Lyrestra has been through Dromund Kaas and Balmorra so far. For some reason I can't explain, I just love Dromund Kaas. I love how it's all green and blue, I love the rain, the dark sky. I also love the quests a lot, particularly the Revanites part, Grathan's compound and the Dark Temple. I'm not sure what it is that appeals to me, but Dromund Kaas is always a lot of fun for me, maybe that's why I keep creating new characters.

He wants me dead for
cheating on him?
But it wasn't even good!
Balmorra isn't as much fun, but I liked it nonetheless. There's so much destruction to be done, so many people to kill! It would probably be a beautiful place if it wasn't for the war. I especially love the quest where a guy asks you to kill his wife for being a traitor. Poor girl is astonished that her husband could want to kill her for cheating on him. Maybe the funny part is that it's not even really about the classified documents that she supposedly gave to her lover, and more about her husband's pride.

Hopefully, today I'll be done with Balmorra and I'll be able to take a good chunk out of Nar Shaddaa. The less time I spend there and on Tatooine, the better. 

Now on the Republic side, Kizu has decided to start a Jedi Shadow. Now, that's a problem. See, we've decided to play Republic and Empire on different servers. On my Republic server, I already have a level 32 Smuggler (also named Lyrestra) which I love dearly.

I love everything about her, the story, the playstyle, the voice, the looks, and the companion/boyfriend Corso. He totally stole my heart. 'Cause he's such a sweetie. I leveled her quickly not because I was in a rush, but because I wanted to know what was coming next! And now I'm scared to see it end, so I've slowed down. In fact, I haven't played her in weeks, not because I'm bored with her, but because I don't want her adventures to end! I even considered leveling a second one, maybe as a male, to see the same story, but with different twists! And maybe I will. Someday.

But Kizu needed a leveling buddy, so I've decided to create a Jedi Shadow, too.

We didn't think this one through, though. Both our characters are females. So they have the same voice. And they wear the same robes. Heh. But I have to admit it's a lot of fun. Being able to stealth = win. We're still on Coruscant, since Kizu never feels like playing for long periods at a time. But it's been fun, and I look forward to playing some more!


  1. I'm convinced that guy on Balmorra wants his wife dead because something about her hairstyle and her face is just atrocious. I'm not really sure what it was but it just kind of made me flinch the first time I saw it.

    Also, while cheating is bad, I'd be a bit alarmed if my boyfriend tried to off me for doing that. I'd hope he'd just like... dump me. Or something. xD

    Lyrestra looks fucking awesome, though. That's totally my favorite hairstyle for ladies, and I love those face masks. It totally makes her look wicked awesome.

    As for the lesbian thing, I've heard rumors of Bioware working on that, soooo - maybe it could happen! :D

    It's also weird enough for me to play with Rezni/Monty with his operative and then play with my boyfriend and HIS sniper because the voices are the same. It weirds me out because Monty's operative has such a really strong personality and I attribute that voice to his character, so when I see other people with that voice it trips me the hell out. I have no idea how you manage with two lady Jedi shadows. @_@

    Perhaps you can level your shadow up with his until he catches up to your smuggler (who's adorable btw!)!

    1. Amg get out of my head! XD

      I was planning just that in fact, to switch to my Smuggler as soon as my bf's Shadow was high level enough. I'm just not sure if I don't rather play her alone, though. I kinda like always seeing my choice in conversations, and not someone else's. But it *is* pretty disturbing to have two distinct characters with the same voice. We associate personalities to the voices, and it's hard to hear em coming out of other people's mouth! Gah! I'll figure something out.

      And thank you! I also think Lyr the Marauder looks wicked awesome and Lyr the Gunslinger looks adorable. =D

    2. It's always nice to have a character you can level on your own. Both my primary characters are leveled with other people, and while I definitely enjoy the experience, it's also nice to have some alone time. My operative has had to take those reins in her hands as of late. Derp!

      So that's deffo something to consider. Totally get you on wanting to see your own responses to things though. Monty's totally awesome and lets me win all the "PUNCH THE HELL OUT OF EVERYONE" choices on Rihtver though, so I'm spoiled. :B

  2. I'm 100% with you on the Marauder thing! I have a level 50 Sith Inquisitor who I'm quite fond of, but I really enjoy... Marauding. For lack of a better word. And my Marauder has stolen my heart and run off with it.

    I also completely sympathize with slowing way down on leveling out of fear of it ending. My Marauder is in his 40s now and I've been taking very long breaks from leveling. Sometimes I'll get on, do a single quest, and then decide I have more important things to do. Like wander around Vaiken Spacedock and stare at the walls...

    I imagine it would be quite trippy to have two of the same class in the same gender partied together. That would really throw me off. I hope it works out okay for you though!

    1. Thank you! But I think I'll just switch to another class. It really is too weird. It's only temporary after all, just to catch up with my Smuggler.

      Maybe I'll just roll an Assassin on my Empire server instead! I'm full of surprises like that. XD

    2. I haven't gotten very far on my Assassin yet but it seems like potential fun! More melee and less standing back and shooting lightning. Not that I'm averse to lightning!

    3. Lightning definitely is cool, no doubt. But melee is just plain fun, for me anyway. No cast times! Just bashing mobs in the face.

      Also, is it bad that I saw your drawing of a Rattataki Assassin and that it made me want to roll one? It just looks so damn good!

    4. Cast times -are- obnoxious. I like my sorc, but it's nice to just shoot the hell out of things on my BH!

    5. Yeah but I have a hard time managing my heat, and it annoys me. For some reason, I find it easier to manage the smuggler resources, though.

      Maybe that's what I like about the marauder. Get rage, spend rage!