Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quick Post - Directions to the Gorinth Outpost (Balmorra)


OR if you're not a retard, there's an elevator right next to it. Thank you Njessi for making me less stupid.


  1. Maybe I'm missing something, but I'm pretty sure there's an elevator up from Troida Workshop to the Gorinth outpost. Right on the map there where it says "lifts".

  2. I didn't find one the first time around, but I'll check it out! Thanks!

    1. Aaand I fail at the reply button once more!

    2. I totally missed it. I feel stupid now. XD

  3. I totally feel your pain because I spent forever wandering around trying to find my way up there. If it makes you feel better, I didn't find any lifts from the Troida Workshop either... every time I always had to find an elevator on the other side of the area. If there's one in Troida, that's fantastic; Kahrn's time will be easier. :v

    I feel like that whole zone in Balmorra is really deceptive about where walls are located and what's going on. Super annoying!