Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Planning Ahead - My Marauder Carnage talent build

Disclaimer : This post may or may not be a fairly obvious attempt at luring readers away from my previous fail post. I was planning on posting this soon anyway. Just sooner than expected! XD

My Marauder is level 21, and as for other classes, I decided to plan how to spend my talent points each level.  It might not be the best way to go, and your mileage may vary, but that's how I intend to do it, and I just thought I'd share it.

This tree comes from a very neat and very detailed guide I found on the forums. I suggest you look it up for more information on all three marauder specs, rotations, stats priority and more.

The link to this Carnage build on Torhead can be found here.


Tier 1

10-12 Dual Wield Mastery
13-14 Defensive Forms

Tier 2

15-17 Narrowed Hatred
18-19 Enraged Charge

Tier 3

20 Ataru Form
21-22 Execute
23-24 Ataru Mastery

Tier 4

25 Blood Frenzy
26-27 Towering Rage
28-29 Enraged Assault

Tier 5

30 Gore
31-32 Rattling Voice

Tier 2 (Backtracking)

33-34 Defensive Roll

Tier 6

35-37 Sever
38-39 Overwhelm

Tier 7

40 Massacre


Tier 1

41-42 Ravager
43-45 Malice


Tier 1

46-47 Quick Recovery
48-50 Enraged Slash


  1. I use both that guide that you mentioned above and the guide in the sentinel forums:


    I figure between the two of them, I should be able to put together a coherent spec. It's kinda hard to translate in your head the abilities but here's a chart:


    Skeleton Jack also has a guide on leveling as Combat/Carnage, but I'm not sure it's up-to-date as he's moved on to posting at force junkies.


    I ended up doing the Watchman/Annihilation build because I'm really addicted to force leap having no minimum range and jumping from mob to mob mid-combat like a coked-out bunny.

    1. "force leap having no minimum range and jumping from mob to mob mid-combat" really does sound like fun. I'll have to try that.

  2. Guides? What? I used to read talent guides back when I was playing wow, and it was good and improved my dps and all.... but then I rolled a priest, and I realized I wanted certain skills for funsies that guides were telling me to skip out on. And that's about the point at which I stopped looking at guides and decided to make up my own specs. XD

    Not that there's anything wrong with guides and I'm sure you'll be a far more effective marauder than I am! XD I kind of guess at my priorities and pick skills because I like how they sound or they seem good with other skills I have. I guess it's going okay, at least for leveling purposes. I never die and things die quickly.

    1. I love to read guides to see what others are doing, but I don't always follow them. Especially not for levleing. It's more to have an overview of what the rotation and specs look like at the level cap.

      In this case, my marauder's rotation looks nothing like what I've read in guides. But sometimes, I discover things I hadn't thought of. So I can try different styles.

    2. That's probably a good idea.! I should consider looking if only to see if I've missed some glaringly obvious thing that would make my life that much more amazing...