Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Endless Torment - or what feels like it

Lyrestra the Gunslinger decided to just drop all her green Taris quests and get the fuck out of this mess.

Fuck that shit
So I thought I was done with Taris for a while... but then Kizu decided that, with our Empire characters, we should skip Alderaan and go straight to Taris! Gah!

Fuck me
So we did. Because I love Kizu. But - fortunately for me - it was late, so we only did a couple quests then called it a night. Can't say I'm in a hurry to play my sorcerer again. Though hopefully, the quests will be better on the Empire Side, and Kizu will take care of figuring out where to go, because I sure as hell won't. I get lost in my own ship, people. There's just no hope for me.

I know I've been complaining about Taris a lot lately. I promise to speak about something else. Soon. Because the other planets are pretty fun as far as I can tell. Nar Shaddaa went by so fast with my Smuggler, it was crazy. Maybe I missed a sub-zone or something, because it felt like there was only a few quests. I'm not complaining, though. I remember my experience in the Empire Side of Nar Shaddaa as pretty endless and grey and very sewersy. I didn't get the same feeling this time around. It was just plain fun!

Next is Tatooine, which so far looks pretty much the same no matter which side you're on. Except I don't remember there being as many bugs people on the Empire side. Which is a good thing. Eww bugs.

And I'm so close to Alderaan! This time, hopefully, I will have enough patience to go through all the zone at the normal pace and won't rush to the end to get my Legacy name asap. (New server, new legacy!) It's such a beautiful place, I really look forward to discovering it.

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