Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Guild ramblings

Ever since we started playing Swtor, Kizu and I have been leveling mostly together. I have alts that I play when he's not available, but we love to quest together whenever we can.

In World of Warcraft, we've always been in the same guilds. If one of us left, the other followed. We've been in a lot of different guilds over the years, but never have we been on our own for very long. In Swtor, we haven't even thought about finding a guild so far. We're both pretty shy, and even though we love making new friends, we haven't felt the need to be with other people. Yet.

Since we aren't planning on raiding anytime soon, we don't exactly need to find other people to raid with. I guess we could find a social guild and meet new people, but I just don't see the point. We two-man all the heroic quests, even the heroic4 ones, so it's not like we need help, really, and the only time we need to find people is to run flashpoints, which we don't do a whole lot of to begin with.

I've never felt at home in social guilds in WoW, but that might be only because I don't get what these people have in common. In a raiding guild, you know members are most likely focused on gearing up, grinding rep, badges or whatever, and preparing for raids. PvP guilds also have a common goal. Gearing up, and getting better at roflstomping other players, or whatever it is that PvP oriented players are after. But I don't know what makes a social guild feel like home.

Since I'm mostly "leveling characters for fun" oriented, I'm not sure where I fit in. I know Kizu plans on doing PvP at endgame, but I don't. I don't know what I'll be doing once I get bored with leveling and all my toons are at level cap. So far, I'm just trying to enjoy the moment and to not plan everything ahead, which is really hard for me.

I do miss the atmosphere that comes with a guild, though. The sense of membership, of belonging somewhere. I miss getting to know other players, and making new friends. I miss the (sometimes stupid) jokes. I miss being with other people, working towards a common goal. 

I guess in my case, what I would love is to be in a guild with other bloggers. I can relate to other players that write about their experience, even if I don't necessarily share their interests. If we don't share in-game goals, at least we'd know we have at least one thing in common : blogging.

How did you find your guild? Why did you feel you needed one? Are you guildless and happy to be?


  1. If you were on our server, I'd tell you to come rock out with us. :) You seem like cool people.

    Our guild is essentially built off of friends, so at the moment, it's pretty social. My boyfriend and I play with our two other room mates (one of whom is my co-blogger) and we have four more friends of ours in the guild as well. It's really nice and fun for pvping or always having someone to level with. I think I'd be lonely without them around even if our playtimes are all janky. I'm lucky, though, as I always have someone to level with.

    I can see why you'd be hesitant to join a random guild. I really haven't experienced much of the SWTOR community as I've been so insular with who I play with. Our server's an RP-PVP one and I recently discovered that the RP community isn't as dead as I thought, which is cool, so I've been trying to dip my toes into that.

    For some reason though, I always felt like WoW servers' communities were easier to get a hang of, figure out what was going on. Maybe that's because of things like server forums; I don't know. Always been a bit of a forum head. SWTOR's lack of them disappoints me.

    Whatever you decide to do, I hope you enjoy it. :) Bummer you're not on Ven Zallow!

    1. Awww thank you! Just because of that I might start a character on your server... =P

      But I don't really want a guild so I can have a leveling buddy. I usually prefer to quest alone, or with my boyfriend. But I do enjoy being able to chat with friends while I quest, or when I'm just chillin' in town. And doing flashpoints with people you know always beats pugging.

      And I agree about server forums. Definitely miss those.

    2. Yeah, I have dedicated leveling buddies for the two characters I level most; the guild has been around to help through flashpoints or pvp together, but mostly I enjoy it for the social aspect of being able to talk about stupid things like questing. It's a lot of fun.

      If you make a character on our server, just mention it to me or Monty/Reznikov; we'd be happy to have you 'round!

    3. Also, diggin' your new layout! A simple change, but it makes it feel way more personal!

    4. Thanks! Not sure I'm completely happy with it yet, but it's definitely better.

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  3. It's funny you mention bloggers. In WoW, I transferred servers to play with another blogger who was a GM of a guild. A few other bloggers either rolled on the server or transferred there, and we ended up splitting off into a new guild (not over blogging, over expectations about raiding). The new blogger-heavy guild attracted even more bloggers AND blog readers. It's very pleasant being in a guild where people are already the same TYPE of people as you. Bloggers and blog readers tend to be a researchy bunch, so we're not making huge blunders that could have been solved by a google search. People also speak in complete sentences.

    1. In case it wasn't clear from the above, the guild I'm in currently IS a bunch of my guildmate bloggers moved over from WoW. We even have a communal blog :P

    2. That sounds wonderful! I'm a sad panda that you guys don't take social members. =(

  4. When I first made an empire alt none of my friends were playing that side of the faction line. They were all still playing Republic pretty much exclusively while I played both sides and I ended up in some completely random guild after I revived some guy. He was like "thanks. wanna join my guild?" and I felt bad saying no. Cuz I'm a pushover like that. So I joined. And it was awkward. I feel really weird being in a guild with people I don't know and have nothing in common with. I feel obligated to talk but don't know what to say.

    Anyway, my friends eventually came over to roll Empire alts. We made our lovely Guild of Calamitous Intent and now I have a guild and people I know. But if that hadn't come along I'd have preferred being guildless.

    I always had a guild on WoW but we started one back in the day to be a heavy RP guild and that kinda died off after a while but we did some raiding and then it was more just those of us that stuck around or were irl friends.

    I'm sure you don't need a novel on the subject though XD was just trying to answer the last question there. I understand being hesitant to join a guild without a theme or purpose though. It's hard to figure out if you'll get along with anyone or even want to bother.

    1. I want to make friends in Swtor, but it's hard when you don't talk to anyone and do your thing on your own. But I don't want to just get into a random guild, either.

      Being social is hard. XD