Monday, February 27, 2012

Crew Skills are fun

Know what I did this weekend?

I crafted. And it was fun

I love crew skills. I love being able to send my companions to gather the mats I'm missing. I love being able to reverse engineer the things I make to get some mats back, and to have the chance to discover a better quality recipe. It makes leveling profession pretty exciting! Well, for me anyway. Maybe I'm just very easily excitable. And I actually enjoy going out of my way while questing to gather crystals, or plants, or whatever. Sure, it might slow down the leveling a bit, but I don't seem to care. I'm having fun. Never thought I'd ever enjoy gathering mats. But I am. And my goal would be to level every crew skill to 400. Lucky me, I have a shit-ton of alts!

I've been working on Artifice and Biochem mostly, as Kizu started an Assassin on the Empire server (fuck, I levelled a Jedi Knight to level 13 for nothing?!) and he needed some stuff to level faster. It's been quite fun. But I wish I had more companions. It would go faster. Would also be nice if my character could make herself useful. Because I send them to gather stuff, and craft stuff, and I just sit there and wait for them to come back. I suppose I could go gather some mats by myself, but it would be impractical, as I usually just stand by the crew skill trainer, so I can learn the next recipe.

I also played Lyrestra the Gunslinger a little this weekend. She's now completely done with Alderaan, and ready to start Balmorra. I must admit I was a little sad that the Republic gets to start on Bugtown, because I hate Bugtown, but hopefully I won't get to fight those damned Collicoids for too long. I really hope so. Fingers crossed. Fucking bugs...

On a side note, I had forgotten how much fun the smuggler/agent playstyle is. Made me want to role an Agent. Again. Maybe someday I'll be able to decide which race and gender I want to make it so I can actually level one past Hutta. 


  1. While my own agent is low level, I get to see all their questing lines because I level Rihtver with Reznikov's agent, Alekei. I personally feel like agents start out really, really slowly storywise... but really, it pays to stick with them because shit starts getting fairly intense on Nar Shaddaa and there are some mind blowingly crazy twists. You get to make such dramatic decisions. o_o;

    I really enjoy crafting too! It's doubley fun for me because I have two monitors so I get to sit around on the Fleet and yell at guildies while watching stupid Youtube vidyas on my other monitor. And inevitably, Reznikov has a character that can do everything so he's always feeding me extra crafting materials. /spoiled

    I've been focusing on biochem myself... I can do cybertech on Ari but I've been slackin'. >:

    Best part of crew member crafting though is once you get lots of people you can just send out armies of dudes while you level. So handy!

    1. I have two monitors as well, and I do keep myself busy/entertained while my companions craft and farm for me. I just think it would be even more awesome if my character could actually participate in the crafting.

  2. "Made me want to role an Agent. Again. Maybe someday I'll be able to decide which race and gender I want to make it so I can actually level one past Hutta."

    Plug in "Bounty Hunter" there and you've got me! :P

    1. It's just so hard to choose! So many possibilities! I almost always play female characters, but I hear the male agent gets lots and lots of sexy time with many ladies throughout the galaxy. I don't know if the lady agents does, too, but it'd be fun for once to be able to actually flirt with random strangers. Woman NPC's are apparently a lot more slutty then the ones we can play in this game apparently.

    2. And apparently, I love the word apparently a lot.

  3. I've been having a blast with the crew skills too! There's just something awesome about not having to be there the entire while it all happens. I've seriously begun to use them as time management tools! XD "An hour mission? Great - I'll go do [insert task] for an hour and get back!"