Friday, February 24, 2012

Quick Post : Character update

So I figured out how to solve the two jedi shadow thing. (Since both me and the boyfriend were leveling one together.) I rolled a Sith Assassin instead!

(Apologies to Reznikov. I totally had to steal the look of yours. It just looks too damn good! They aren't exactly the same, but a bit close. The other tattoos aren't as cool. Please don't hate me!) I will totally get him the social pants from Kaas City's cantina, so he won't have to wear a skirt. Can't wait to get my double-bladed lightsaber!

And to actually level with Kizu, I decided to make a Jedi Guardian. I wanted to give it a try, as my Sith Warrior is a marauder. (That probably won't stop me from rolling a Juggernaut anyway.)

I made him pretty big and bulky, but he's a guardian for crying out loud. I wanted him to look at least a little threatening, even if he'll be dps. The hairstyle gives him some sort of "bad boy" look. I like it. But I think I made him more like a big softie teddy bear rather than a dangerous killing machine. Heh.

So yeah. A marauder, an assassin, a guardian and a gunslinger. Those are my main focus. For now.

I'm also still thinking about making a character over on Selly and Reznikov's server, cause I think it could be lots of fun! Although, I'm not sure what class I'd roll. Maybe (probably) another warrior, or maybe a lady Agent...

I'm making myself dizzy.  =/


  1. As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! I'm sure Monty wont' mind. :v Rattataki all have that bad habit of looking super similar too...

    I think both of your new characters are super cute though. :D Just wait till you end up on crushes with them or something goofy like that (then again, maybe that's just me, crushing on my male characters... herp a derp.)

    Also, you should totally for serious role an alt or something on our server. You don't even have to be on often - we mostly play at night and we're fairly casual (though Monty does have the mad leveling skeels), so you'd have tons of time to play your mains or whatever. :) Even if it was just to say hi.

    EVEN IF IT WAS JUST TO MAKE CHARACTERS SO WE'D HAVE MORE PEOPLE TO MAKE RP STORIES WITH. *eyebrows* I know that I absolutely love more hypothetical RP buddies - even if no actual RP happens and it's more like "So, you can be so and so's long lost sister," and "My dude character needs some stalker victim/girlfriend/confidant kinda deal..." THE USUAL.

    1. Any suggestion as to what kind of character you guys think could fit well with yours if I ever feel like RPin'? Does anyone need a sister or something? XD

      I've never really tried to RP before. But maybe with the right people, it could be fun!

    2. The sister thing wasn't like a legit thing - though one of my characters did end up related to another friend of mine's. I don't know about Monty, but I've only got like 4 characters, 1 of whom I don't know anything about.

      I have plans to get my Sith Warrior up, and he's supposed to be a Lord... could be something like his apprentice. But he's also really creepy and stuff, so that'd be up to you. xD

      Also, don't feel like you have to. Monty and I do more just discussions about what our characters do than actual RP. (Not to say we don't want to - we do - it's just finding the time and stuff.)

      We used to RP a lot on WoW and actually ran an RP guild that did really well for awhile! It's good fun if you're playing with people that have any kind of imagination. :)

  2. No worries! I don't hate you! I'm actually quite flattered that you liked what I did with mine! AND we can be pants pals!

    Hope the guardian works out well! At least he'll be big enough to scare people who don't know him well? XD Sometimes characters just refuse to cooperate with your plans. You say "scary killing machine" and they decide to go adopt a puppy and do charity work... what can you do?

    Also, we'd be more than happy to have you if you decide to make something on our server!

    1. Your Sethek is amazingly cool. As soon as I saw your drawing, I knew I wanted an assassin that looked just like that!

      And turns out the guardian really *is* a big softie. But that's fine. I love him like that.

  3. Wow thank you so much! That is high praise indeed! :D I hope you enjoy playing an assassin!

    haha well big softies can be quite endearing! I often end up loving my characters who refuse to cooperate with my vision for them the most.

  4. See? I Fail at it, too! =D

    I really didn't realize there was a reply button until recently. I r terribad.

    1. Hooray! I'm not alone in this lack of ability to hit 'reply'!