Sunday, March 11, 2012

How Crew Skills forced me to roll another alt

Kizu and I finished Tatooine this week, so this weekend, we were ready for Alderaan and the end of Act 1 (which will be the object of my next post). As we were maybe halfway through the zone, Kizu pointed out that our gear was pretty outdated and suggested that we upgrade our orange pieces to kill more efficiently. Lyr being an Artificer, I started looking for enhancements and hilts to craft for us. It took a couple (way too many) tries for me to get the blue quality version of the Might enhancement I needed, and only one try for Kizu's Resolve enhancement. The same thing happened for the hilts. Someone out there must hate me. I also got us some neat +14 crit red crystals.

But we also needed mods and armoring! Kizu's Bounty Hunter is a Cybertech that can craft those, but since he was pretty low on mats, he made us only some armorings, and we bought mods with Alderaan Commendations. Needless to say, once we upgraded all our orange gear, we started killing mobs noticeably faster. I think we spent more time Saturday night crafting upgrades then actually playing. But that's fine, because it was fun.

Kizu's main being his Sith Assassin, his Bounty Hunter hasn't had much love in a while, except to do the space mission dailies occasionally for credits. In order to support us all the way through level 50 on his own, he would have to get scavenging mats solely through missions, which would be way too costly.

That is why I needed to start a new alt! Say hello to the new addition to the family!

Fredrick, my future Sniper

Fred will be our scavenging mats farmer, and our slicer for cash and augments. I know I said I wouldn't start another alt yet, but it's for a good cause! I blame crew skills for being so fun and the craftable stuff for being so good. The quality of the gear really does make a difference in the leveling process. Being able to craft our own item modifications is totally worth it.

Hopefully, I'll be able to level him enough this week so he can get level-appropriate mats for Lyr and Kizu as soon as possible.


  1. One can never have too many alts! And profession slaves are always important! I always had tons of those in WoW. Little alts who would gather my mats like herbs and ore.

    And having stuff that's good for your level is definitely important.! So definitely a good argument for adding to the alt family there!

    1. I swear if it was just me, I'd have as many toons as there are crafting crew skills in this game.

      Lucky me, my bf got some on his toons.

    2. That's exactly what I did with WoW. I had all of the professions covered so everyone could do stuff for each other. The synergy was wonderful! I really want to get that going in SWTOR too! So I can sympathize!

      That's really nice though that he's got some of the stuff covered. Makes things easier that way I imagine!

      Selly actually has some professions covered but I'm terrible about asking what sort of stuff she's able to make. And I have so many alts. I'd hate to be a resource hog.

  2. Well I have the very same "problems" since my assassin has artifice and my warrior has synthweaving, so I now need mods and armors to keep my gear up to date.

    I realized that my warrior, which is a "legacy" character, is gettin blue quality items much more often than the assassin.

    Also I am now periodically taking breaks from the quest (I am in really no hurry to reach level cap) to farm & craft. This way my warrior is really growing up as a fast killing machine. I guess that you really have to put some efforts to keep your crafting skills balanced with your level but in the end it's really worth it.

    Oh and if you're really in a hurry don't forget to check GTN for resources. It's all about luck but sometimes I managed to find exactly what I needed at very reasonable prices!