Saturday, March 10, 2012

Planning Ahead - My Juggernaut Vengeance (dps) talent build

Here is how I plan to use my talent points in the Vengeance tree (dps) for my Juggernaut. The link to this build can be found here. I found it on SithWarrior. As always, your mileage may vary. This is just how I see things. Feel free to let me know if my shit makes no sense.


Tier 1

10-12 Single Saber Mastery
13-14 Decimate (2/3)

Tier 2

15-16 Dreadnaught
17-19 Accuracy

Tier 3

20 Shien Form
21-22 Draining Scream

Tier 1 (Backtracking)

23 Decimate (3/3)
24 Improved Sundering Assault (1/3)

Tier 4

25 Deadly Reprisal
26 Ruin
27-29 Vengeance

Tier 5

30 Impale
31-32 Eviscerate
33-34 Savagery

Tier 6

35-37 Rampage
38-39 Deafening Defense

Tier 7

40 Shatter

Tier 1 (Backtracking)

41 Improved Sundering Assault (2/2)


Tier 1

42-43 Enraged Sunder


Tier 1 

44-45 Ravager
46- 48 Malice

Tier 2

49-50 Brutality

The last 10 points (after you get Shatter) could be taken in a different order. You could decide to wait to finish Improved Sundering Assault at level 50 and get better talents before. I chose to do it this way because I like finishing a tree before switching to another, unless it makes more sense to add points in another tree earlier in the leveling process.


  1. You're so on top of things with your talent points! Planning ahead and such! I should probably start doing that. Rather than throwing points around willy nilly and then realizing later I don't want that tree.

    1. It can be fun to choose talent points randomly, too. Might make things a bit more interesting to figure out what to pick instead of following a predefined build.

      I just really suck at not picking the worst possible talent in the whole talent tree. So yeah, predefined build it is for me.

    2. I guess that's true. It is certainly interesting. Just often results in bizarre hybrid builds in my case. 15 points into a tree, I'll suddenly decide that's not quite what I wanted and start shoving points somewhere else entirely. And then I'll realize that's not quite doing it either and start on the one tree I hadn't put points in yet.