Friday, March 9, 2012

My characters : Focusing on what I have

I've been thinking in the last couple days about what I want to do with my characters.

Marauder Lyrestra
before she turned to the dark side.
Of the toons I have, the ones I actually plan on leveling to 50 are the marauder, the juggernaut and the sorcerer, and the Gunslinger on another server. (By the way, how anyone manages to solo level a sorcerer is beyond me. I geared Khem Val with the best gear I could find, and he still dies quickly, and my dps seems pretty low. I also feel very squishy. But since Jori was my first character on the server, that she's level 35, that her biochem is almost at 300, and that I'm rather fond of her, I've decided to suck it up and get her to the level cap. Eventually. Just not by myself. Yay for leveling buddies! To all of you Sorcerers out there, I just don't know how you do it!) 

Sorcerer Jori trading an
holocron for assassins.
Sounds plausible enough.
I have other characters as well : Alyss the mercenary and Ashan the Sith Assassin. The problem is that I don't really enjoy either playstyle very much. I find myself reluctant to put time on characters I'm not sure I even like. I love how Ashan looks, because he's one mean badass, but I really don't see myself leveling an assassin. As for Alyss, she will most likely be deleted in the near future. Maybe I'll replace her with a Powertech! With me, who knows?

So far, I've always started my characters on a whim, without thinking it through, just "hey! I wanna try that now!" and just went with it. Sometimes, I just feel like trying a new playstyle, and some other times, it's as stupid as wanting a specific look (like Ashan), or a pretty hairstyle (like the Gunslinger, but that one turned out to be lots of fun!) I would prefer to have some sort of logic in all this, so here are my plans for my beloved characters. 

Nass doesn't have much patience.
"Your breathing is now dependant
on my tolerance as well."
  • Lyrestra the marauder is my favourite toon, and my first love in Swtor. (My first character ever was a marauder. I blame Kizu for changing my mind and making me roll a Sorcerer when we switched servers. /glare ) She will reach level 50 and will receive all the love she deserves. Her class story is one of my favourites so far. I'm really enjoying myself when I play this character.
  • Jori the sorcerer's story isn't as enticing as Lyr's, but I've already put much time and efforts in leveling her and her crew skills, so she will reach the level cap as well, if only to craft stims and medpacs for the rest of the family. Leveling her alone has been a pain, that's why I'm looking forward to leveling her with my bf.  
  • Nass the juggernaut was created because I wanted to have a romance with Jaesa, and because I like the male warrior voice. The playstyle is similar to the marauder's but different enough to be interesting. I'm confident I can get him to the level cap and have fun even if I've already seen the Warrior storyline with Lyr. I just love warriors that much.
  • Ashan the Assassin most likely won't be leveled very far, not anytime soon anyway, but I just can't bring myself to delete him, because he's just too cool. So for now, I will store all my mats and whatnot in his cargo hold, and maybe I'll level him slowly, if I ever feel like it. 
  • In the future, I absolutely want to roll an Imperial Agent (a sniper), most likely a human male. I already know I love the playstyle, and I've read many times how cool their story is. Ideally, I'd create this toon after I reach level 50 on at least one of my Empire characters, and maybe on my Gunslinger as well. Yeah. Good luck with that.

Annoyed Ashan is annoyed.
As far as the Legacy thing goes, I have a vague idea of how my characters are related. In my head, Lyrestra and Nass are together, married or not, I'm not sure yet, but they definitely care for each other. Jori is either Nass or Lyr's apprentice. Probably Nass', so Lyr can be a little jealous, and Jori can try to seduce her master. Ashan is Lyr's apprentice, and also her boy-toy. *wink wink* He and Jori do not get along at all, which amuses Lyr greatly. As for the Sniper, he will be someone's brother. I know, that's not much to go on, but he hasn't been created yet!

What about you? Did you have a plan in mind when you created your characters, or did you just create them randomly? Are you unable to delete characters for whatever reason, or on the contrary, is it easy for you?


  1. Interesting post, made me think a lot about my characters.

    I have 3 right now, 2 warriors (Mamya and Physta) and an assassin (Szacha).

    Actually I started with a female Sith warrior (Mamya). It's been my 1st attempt with SWTOR and also I had no previous experience about MMORPG at all.
    This may explain why she grew up so ugly, weak, skilless and with a gear that's frankly embarassing to look at (ever seen those "shower cap" helmet? that'll give you an idea...).

    Her fate is crossed, she reached level 27 but she's gonna end up deleted one of these days.

    So I decided to gave another try (with a clearer head this time) and raise a damage-inflicting juggernaut.
    That's Physta.
    I haven't finished act 1 yet with Szacha (the most leveled character, 37 today) so I have no Legacy System whatsoever.
    Nevertheless Physta is a warrior who knows what to do, which stats she has to increase, what kind of gear she has to stick to, and most important, how to craft gear that's up to her level.
    She's leveling waaaaay faster than that uglyo Mamya but then I realized... "Darn, who's that cute companion every warrior has?"
    And so I learned about Jaesa and it was like "what the hell, I want to romance her but there's no way I'm gonna play another (male) warrior anytime soon!".
    So I really (and I mean, REALLY) hope they're implementing that "same sex romance" thing everyone's blabbering about but honestly no one knows if it's possible or not.

    By the way, do you have news about that?

    Szacha was the 2nd character I played. I started her soon after Mamya so she knew what to do with common quests.
    She is an Assassin focusing on "Madness", that's perfect for PvE.
    She's growing up strong, with a delicious gear (she's a fashion victim, can't help with that) and I think she's a cutie too.
    Also she really loves Khem, no matter how hard she tries to hide that!
    I'm trying to level her up a little more with some Heroics I still have hangin on Alderaan and Nar Shaddaa before the "interesting" meeting (no spoiling!) with her master, Lord Zash (a pity you couldn't romance her, really :D).

    I already have plans for a new charachter.

    I'd like to get more involved in PvP and flashpoints so I was about to start a new "career" as a healing-specced sorceror, since everyone is asking for healers, but then today I stumbled in your blog (already subscribed on my g-reader, I'm lovin it!) and learned that after
    all your playing you're still a bit baffled about how to level a sorceror up.
    And well actually I don't know anyone who could help raise him/her up.

    Also I'm pretty unsatisfied about the guild I joined since they're really focusing on flashpoints and rarely reply to my help requests (mostly class HEROICs and scattered bosses around).

    So again, do you have any suggestion about how to wisely choose a guild that fits your needs?

    And what about the sorceror, do you really think it's gonna be impossible to levelcap it alone?

    Let me know what you think.

    And keep rolling us your stories. I'm already hooked.

    1. Wow, thanks for your comment! It was really interesting to see how you experience the game.

      To answer your question about same sex romance, it was said at the Guild Summit that we'd have new character story *and* the ability to romance companions of the same sex *this year*. Daniel Erickson - I think it was him - mentioned that just changing the romance that exist now and adapt them to make them work with companions of the same sex just wasn't a good way to do it, it isn't good story-telling. So there is hope! =D

      Also, about the sorcerer thing, I've always had trouble leveling characters with "light armor". In World of Warcraft, I had my boyfriend level my mage because I kept dying and I was getting impatient. I just prefer classes that wear stronger armor and can take more than two hits before they crumble. I know there are lots of people out there that can level sorcerers alone just fine. I'm probably doing something wrong here, don't get discouraged! You should try it, you might really enjoy it!

      As for the guilds, I wish I could help you, but I'm guildless myself still. If I ever find the magic formula, I'll let you know. ;)

      And thank you for your kind words about the blog, it's really appreciated! =D

  2. Since I started out with a sorcerer, it didn't seem so bad. I felt very fragile whenever I came back from a long break, but then I got back in the swing of things and it was okay. But after leveling a Marauder, playing my sorcerer is like pulling teeth.

    I hear a lot of talk about how OP sorcerers are. I really didn't feel OP at all. I could maybe throw on a few DoTs before I had to shield and heal up my companion for almost the entire fight. I tried out using a healing companion once I got one, but the problem was that with me having all the aggro, there was so much knockback it was hard to cast quickly.

    With my Marauder, however, I felt like I killed really quickly and I never died. Okay not never, but very infrequently. After Alderaan, I didn't die again until Corellia I think. So that's like 17 levels or so.

    Not really the question you asked. Just sort of ... babbling. I didn't start out with a plan when I rolled Empire. I just made my sorcerer as a fun side project. And then it became my main focus and all future alts were made with something in mind.

    (I also have to agree with you on assassin. I really want to like it cuz I love my assassin but so far I just can't get into it. I think that might just be because I'm not sure how to play it effectively.)

    It's nifty to see your ideas for your characters and how they relate to each other! Also glad to see that I'm not the only one who occasionally sets up their alts with each other. XD

    Your characters are all quite awesome looking :D

  3. Sorcerers must be OP in operations, where they don't have to worry about pulling aggro or healing their companion instead of shooting lightning at all the things.

    As for the assassin, I never liked playing a rogue in WoW, so I guess I should have known. You have to make sure Khem has aggro, because if he doesn't, you can't do Maul... it annoys the crap outta me.

    And thanks, I do think my toons look awesome, and I'm having fun imagining a life for them. I'm glad you guys enjoy that too! =D

    1. Look who failed at the reply button *again*.

    2. Yeah I imagine that must be where all this so-called OP comes in. Alas, I've yet to do an operation on-level on my sorc.

      I actually enjoyed rogue on wow, but rogues have enough stuns that they don't need to worry about anyone else having aggro a lot of the time. Maybe later on in the assassin career it would get easier but it is hard to start out. Then again I hated rogue for like the first 20 levels or so. And then it was just tolerable until I got high enough for mutilate. THEN it got fun. For me, at least.

      You're welcome :D Definitely enjoy that aspect of things! It adds a fun new dimension and is good for me being able to zone out and think about stories about people while I level XD

    3. I'm lovin my assassin and her versatility a lot.
      Following the madness tree means a balanced character who can deal some damage both as DPS and with some melee action.
      I managed to raise Strenght a bit over the standard for an assassin and focused my crafting on "critical" as an added stat.
      Also, having stealth is quite an asset, if only to speed up things when you have to walk back and forth throughout the same areas.

      So right now I still prefer my assassin to my warrior. Of course this may well be the result of my first try in the game with a juggernout who didn't know what to do. With the warrior a dealt light damage and took a lot. When I did heroics I would be always the 1st to fall, even when a healer was backing me.

      That said, my new warrior is revealing herself as a totally different experience. Probably patiently raising her synthweaving skill is quickly paying off. Also, the assassin is mailing her a lot of good crafting (hilts, crystals and enhancements), so she's really growin up powerful.
      Compared to the previous experience she dies a lot less and fights end pretty quickly, so I must admit I'm very satsfied.

      Who knows, maybe when we will see the tangible advantages of the "legacy system" and points , I'm gonna start prefer a dangerous juggernaut to my swift assassin.

      Btw Reznikov is so right. Your toons looks great. I should start snapshotting at mines and make me a new avatar for blogs :P