Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Planning Ahead - My Sniper Marksmanship talent build

I started a new Sniper alt not long ago, and you know what that means! Yes, another "Planning Ahead" post! Your mileage may vary, yada yada yada. The link to this build can be found here. Again, you could chose to use your points in a different order. I just went with what seemed most logical to me. Feel free to let me know if another order works better! There's always room for improvement. Also, I know there's another build, which I will probably try at some point, but this is the one I chose for now. More info on both builds can be found on SithWarrior.


Tier 1

10-12 Marksmanship
13-14 Steady Shots

Tier 2

15-16 Precision Ambush
17-18 Ballistic Dampers

Tier 1 (Backtracking)

19 Cover Screen

Tier 3

20 Diversion
21-22 Snap Shot
23-24 Reactive Shot

Tier 4

25 Sniper's Nest
26-27 Between the Eyes
28-29 Sniper Volley (2/3)

Tier 5

30 Followthrough
31-32 Recoil Control

Tier 4 (Backtracking)

33 Sniper Volley (3/3)
34 Sector Ranger

Tier 6

35-39 Imperial Assassin

Tier 7

40 Rapid Fire


Tier 1

41-43 Gearhead
44-45 Energy Tanks

Tier 2

46-47 Explosive Engineering (2/3)


Tier 1

48-50 Lethality

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