Thursday, March 1, 2012

Quick Post : Today is a (somewhat) happy day

Know what today is? It's my birthday! (Yay for Life kicking me in the face the day before my birthday. But hey, life goes on!) I turn 26 today, and I spent a very nice day with my family! And this weekend, I intend to celebrate by drinking lots and lots of beer, and playing lots and lots of Swtor with my boyfriend! So if you see someone running around naked... that might be me. You've been warned!



  1. Happy Birthday! :D You're a bit ahead of me. 19 days ahead, that is! Sorry I'm late with this. I didn't see this yesterday. I think my computer is stuck in a time warp of some sort as I keep seeing people's posts the day after they've been posted..

    Now I'm going to have the Numa Numa song stuck in my head. XD But it is a great partying song XD

    1. Thanks! And this song has been stuck in my head for... years!

      The Numa dance is the best!

  2. Omg, sorry this is late. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!