Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Quick Post : I'm gonna need more character slots.

See what I did there? I asked for Legacy info in my last post, and I was handed a Guild Summit to answer all my questions! But seriously, I had no idea that was coming. I stumbled upon it yesterday and I was pretty excited. Lots of good stuff out there, coming our way. And some stuff I wish could come sooner (addons, macros, resizeable buffs and debuffs, same-sex romances, etc.) But still, it's pretty damn exciting. 

It was announed, among other things, that when you reach the level cap with a certain species, it gets unlocked for other classes across both factions. (Like you could choose a Chiss for a Jedi?) Am I the only one who thought : "Fuck, now I have to level a <insert your favourite race unavailable for your favourite class here > to 50!" ? In my case, that would be a Twi'lek. 

Twi'lek Bounty Hunter anyone?


  1. Oh that sounds awesome! And yeah... I will need to level more alts. Oh dear. This also means I"ll have to level a republic alt. Makes my life significantly more difficult XD But that is very exciting! Definitely looking forward to this!

  2. Oh that's interesting! I did notice the Miralukan Sith warrior in the trailer but had no idea how that would happen XD

    I'm with you that more character slots would be nice...I'm already rolling alts on different servers since my home server is all filled up! >.<

  3. I too, am looking forward to having a force using Chiss! I also agree that I will need more character slots!! :)